Rational Emotive Therapy

Rational emotive therapy is also a form of talk therapy which is quite similar to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and primarily focuses on irrational beliefs which are deemed to be at the core of psychological disturbances. Therapists strongly pursuade and push the client to find out the dysfuntional belief by direct questioning or indirect examination and replaced by rational beliefs. Rational beliefs are flexible and non-extreme, consistent with reality, logical and self- and relationship-enhancing. RET also gives emphasis on philosophy of unconditional self acceptance, unconditional other acceptance and unconditional life acceptance.

RET is useful in following psychiatric disorders/Psychological problems:

1. Depressive disorders
2. Anxiety disorders
3. Eating disorders
4. Anger management
5. Adjustment to chronic health problems
6. Stress management
7. Relationship and family problems


May vary as per the type and extent of clients problem and personality