Improve Your Confidence

Self-esteem is generally defined as individual’s perception about self. What an individual feels and thinks about his/her worth, competencies, capabilities, qualities and virtues makes the individual’s self-esteem. Optimal self-esteem improves life satisfaction and gives a sense of well-being to the individual that may help him/her to approach life circumstances with positive attitude and results into better outcome while the low self-esteem may trap into opposite vicious cycle of it.

Aim of counselling

Training to client to develop an optimal level of self-esteem and to develop feeling of life satisfaction and well being.

Objectives of Therapy:

1. Education about development and maintenance of concept of self-esteem
2. Assessment of level of clients self-esteem
3. Identification of cognitive distortions/negative beliefs of client about self
4. Restructuring of cognitive distortions and enhancement of self-esteem
5. Teaching client about ways to maintain optimal level of self-esteem.


It usually requires 5-7 sessions but may vary as per the extent of client’s problem and personality.

Special Note: The parents and guardians can also be taught and trained to develop optimal self-esteem in children.