Our Specialities


We believe that degrees only provide a platform to begin a professional career and expertise comes with the passionate hard work of years in particular subjects, populations, and techniques.

“Getsvel” is committed to providing the best services to its clients, so, we have a team of psychologists who have chosen the particular field of psychology as per their passion and hone their skills to develop expertise in that area.
At present, we have experts in the following sub-specialties of psychology

1. Child Psychology: This sub-specialty deals with the psychological issues related to children & adolescents. These can range from minor developmental issues to severe psychiatric disorders e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD), Intellectual disability, Specific Learning Disorder, Conduct disorders, Mood and emotional problems etc.

2. Couple and Family Psychology: This sub-specialty focuses on the relationship problems between couples, parents & children, and families. These specialists identify the conflicts in the relationship and help to improve the functioning of normal couples also.

3. Rehabilitation Psychology: This sub-specialty helps people with disability to cope with disabilities and provide psychological help to re-integrate them into society. Rehabilitation Psychologists understand the specific cognitive and emotional needs of these individuals and help them to overcome barriers to participation in life activities.

4. Geriatric Psychology: This deals with the special psychological issues related to elderly. It helps the elderly and their families to overcome problems faced in old age, maintain well-being, to live the highest possible level of quality of life.

5. Cognitive Psychology: These psychologists teach and train individuals to enhance memory, learning, and better decision-making through problem-solving skills.

6. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: This sub-specialty deals with human behavior in the workplace. It addresses the various psychological aspects in organizations ranging from recruitment, training, and development, performance evaluation, workplace motivation, reward systems, quality of work life, and organizational development to consumer behavior to improve productivity.

7. Career counseling: It helps individuals to opt for an appropriate career as per their personality, interests, and available choices.

8. Sport and Performance Psychology: It deals with sports and performance-related psychology and behavior. It helps individuals to make an appropriate choice in sports, overcome performance anxiety and enhance their abilities in sports.

9. Addiction Psychology: This sub-speciality deals with the addictive behaviors related to substances, behavioral addiction e.g. mobile addiction, social media addiction, and other compulsive behaviors like compulsive shopping, compulsive gambling, compulsive eating etc.