Assertiveness Training

“I don’t know key to success but the key to failure is to try and please everybody”(Bill Cosby,1937)
People usually communicate in three styles: Aggressive, Passive and passive-aggressive. People with these style of communication have low self-esteem and often believe that their emotions and opinions are not valued so either they hide their opinions and feelings or express so loudly that they can ensure that people value them.

In Assertiveness training, the individuals are trained to communicate in a way which make them to clearly express their ideas, emotions, needs, and opinions while firmly advocating their rights and respecting others rights, emotions and ideas at the same time.

Aim of counselling

To train individual an effective way of communication in all spheres of life.

Objectives of Therapy:

Individual will be able to:
1. communicate ideas, needs and emotions respectfully.
2. Use appropriate and effective words in communication
2. Understand and implement the non-verbal behaviors(eye to eye contact, speech volume and tone, hand movements etc.) involved in communication
3. Respect others emotions, needs and ideas.
4. Feel that situations and conversations are under control
5. Connect with others comfortably

Counselling Sessions:

The number of sessions will depend on the nature and extent of the problem.