Solution Focused Therapy

INR 21000-/

Solution focused therapy emphasizes on solution building and less attention is paid to define past or current problems. It is based on the concept that solution behaviours exist in clients and small increment in these can help to achieve future goals so clients are encouraged to increase frequency of current useful behaviors rather than getting stuck into problems. Therapists generate questions that focuses on client’s abilities and strengths and aspects of conversation are amplified to magnify the capabilities of them to achieve the desired future goals and live a satisfying life. During sessions, therapists help the client to identify exceptions to the problem, generate hypothetical solutions, assigning tasks, figuring out “how to do it”, trying a small piece of solution and providing feedback to the client.

It is used for the following problems

1. Low mood
2. Anxiety problems
3. Low self esteem
4. Interpersonal problems
5. Marital problems.


This therapy process is usually brief and it usually takes 3 to 5 sessions.