Social/Performance Phobia

INR 15000-/

Social phobia is characterized by excessive fear of social or performance in unfamiliar people, situations or scrutiny. Public speaking, attending a party, interviews and interaction with opposite gender/authority figure are the common triggering conditions. Individual starts avoiding the triggering situations due to fear of embarrassment and negative evaluation. Individual experiences nervousness, blushing, perspiration, trembling, abdominal distress and muscular tension.

Aim of the counselling

Client is trained enough to handle social situations and improve communication and social skills.


1. Assessment of level of social anxiety
2. Training of client in Social skills
3. Training of client by exposure of feared situations
4. Restructuring of negative thought process involved in social/triggering situations
5. Relaxation training


Approx 5-7 counselling sessions will be required but may vary with clients extent of problem and personality.