Job Related Stress

INR 7000-/

Work related stress is a psychological state because of perception of imbalance between job demand and individuals capability to cope. Individual spends significant time of day at work place and if work place is reason for stress, it may cause headache, backache and other bodily symptoms, disturbed sleep, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, irritability, frustration, disturbed relationship at work and home, and alcohol, tobacco and other drug misuse. Long-term stress may cause diabetes, hypertension and other chronic medical illness. Tiredness, job dissatisfaction and forgetfulness shall lead to decreased productivity which will trap the individual in a vicious cycle of non-performance, stress and job dissatisfaction. So work related stress has negative impact not only on individual but also on his/her organization.

Aim of the Counselling

Training to cope with work-related stress and education to develop a healthy work environment.

Objectives of Counselling

1. Assessment of work related stress and factors contributing into it.
2. Assessment of coping strategies of client and training to enhance them.
3. Training in time management
4. Assertiveness training
5. Relaxation therapy


It generally needs 5-10 sessions but may vary as per the extent of problem and personality of client.