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Grief is an unfortunate but integral part of life which is defined as pain and sufferings experienced after loss. Loss can be any form e.g. death of loved ones, loss of some part of self or treasured object. It is usually characterized by generalized body-ache, pre-occupation with thoughts/images of the loss, guilt feelings related to loss, hostile reactions and inability to work.  In case of death of loved ones, Sometimes the individual develops tendency to assume behavioral traits of deceased.

Objectives of Counselling/Therapy:

  1. Emotional ventilation
  2. Understanding of inner world
  3. Development of better and positive perspective of life
  4. Strengthening of coping abilities


It will help the individual to ventilate emotions and provide an opportunity to understand the emotional, cognitive and behavioral response to grief.


It includes 4-10 structured sessions as per the personality of clients, coping abilities and support system.  It begins with assessment phase where therapists evaluates the unique experience of clients about grief and factors contributing into it. Finally, the individual will be able to adapt to loss and gradually accept the new life.