Couple Therapy

INR 21000-/

Though the love marriages are rising and divorce rates are also rising. Because of changing socio-cultural and economic reasons the focus of couple is more on each other and expectations have heightened which is followed by great disappointments.  As the focus of couple heightened expectations   It is said that couples are made in heaven but to have an heavenly experience in the relationship

Aim of therapy

To understand the range of cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and individual differences of couples and improve communication between them which allow them to work together to lead a satisfactory relationship and contribute into each other’s development and growth.


  1. Couples are educated in terms of strengths and areas of difficulty in relationship.
  2. Couples are also educated on individual characteristics and their interaction with environment which contribute to the development and maintenance of difficulties in relationship.
  3. Couples can communicate effectively and share their subjective experiences and create intimacy.
  4. couples are enabled to solve their problems and make decisions.


Typical course of therapy needs 6-12 sessions which varies depending on the nature of the couple’s problems and individual characters