Career Counselling

INR 6000-/

“People think I have a good and nice home and have well paid job but they don’t know how much dissatisfaction I have with my job”
“My parents wanted me to become an engineer while I wanted to be a fashion designer”
The above statements are commonly heard and are indicative of job dissatisfaction because of inability to make right decision about career. There may be wide range of problems faced by clients which can be solved in career counselling. The problems may be like: lack of career development due to poor interpersonal skills, anger towards company policy, relationship problems at home might be creating problems at work, chosen a particular job for sole monetary reasons etc. Career counselling not only helps client to make right choices about education, training and employment but it also enables client to recognize and utilize his/her potential resources and resolve career related issues.

Aim of Counselling

Enabling client to understand potential resources, to make right career related decisions and to resolve career related issues.

Objective of Counselling

1. Gathering information about client’s career and problems
2. Detailed assessment of client’s skills, values, interests, personal attributes and aptitudes.
3. Enabling client in decision making, defining career goals and planning action.


It usually needs 3-5 sessions but may vary as per the client’s extent of problem and personality.